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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Heating and Cooling Contractor
As a property owner, the time will come when you’ll need to upgrade or install a new air conditioner or furnace. Both of these are highly technical jobs that can only be entrusted to professionals. Moreover, they require a substantial capital outlay and you want to be assured that they are done to the highest professional standards. While there could be plenty of contractors in your area, what measures do you need to take to ensure that you hire the very best?



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New System Installation

Hiring a furnace contractor

Considering the expense involved in furnace upgrade or installation and the length of time it is supposed to serve you, this piece of equipment is an important addition to any property and the professionals you hire for the job need thorough vetting.


There are a number of risks that are inherent in furnace installation against which the company you choose needs to be insured. The process of installation could go awry and cause damage to the property. Unless the contractor is insured, you might have to pay for the damages. To avoid liability, you need to confirm that the contractor carries general liability insurance.

Accidents and injuries are also common in furnace installation and there’s always the possibility that the contractors’ employees could injured while working on your property. Again, if the contractor is not carrying workers’ comp insurance, the property owner might be held responsible. To safeguard your property and to guarantee peace of mind always entrust your installation and upgrading to Hillsborough Furnace Repair professionals.

How many brands does the contractor represent?

There are hundreds of furnace brands and a well-established contractor could be representing several of them. A contractor who represents several reputable brands is usually a better bet than one who represents just one brand. Being appointed a representative for several brands could also be indicative of the contractor’s experience as it is almost impossible for a newbie to have earned the respect of many manufacturers.

Look for references

A reputable contractor will have a list of satisfied customers from whom you can obtain info about the contractor’s level of service. Find out if there are any positive remarks about the contractor’s work on their website. You should also ask for the telephone numbers of some of the past clients and call them to find out if they might have complaints. Such calls will help you find out if the contractor is famous for completing jobs in time and within budget and whether past clients are happy with the quality of contractor’s work.

When obtaining references, always remember that a contractor will only direct you to people who are happy with the work done but there could be plenty others who have issues to raise. A quick internet search or contacting the Better Business Bureau will help unearth any complaints that have been raised against the contractor.

Paying the contractor a physical visit will also help in your appraisal. By so doing, you’ll be confident that you are dealing with a real company and not some one-man show. For the best installation and upgrading services, always contact Chapel Hill Furnace Repair professionals.

Vetting for experience in AC work

Installation or replacement of an AC system is complicated work that should only be handled by a qualified HVAC professional. Apart from the system being installed or replaced, the contractor also has to deal with issues such as plumbing and the handling of dangerous gases and refrigerants.

Inquire about EPA Certification

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is an oversight body that ensures that contractors do not harm the environment when carrying out their duties. Failure to comply with EPA regulations usually attracts hefty fines which are borne by the property owner.

The refrigerants contained in cooling systems could be released into the air when the system is being installed or replaced and this has consequences for the environment. To minimize the risks of environmental degradation, the EPA regulates the activities of cooling contractors and those who are certified by this body are permitted to operate recovery units that capture refrigerants before they are released into the environment. Working with an EPA Certified contractor could therefore save the property owner a lot of trouble.

Find out the contractor’s position on warranties

A good measure of a contractor’s competence is the warranty he or she is willing to offer. A contractor who offers only a limited or no warranty should be treated cautiously as this tells you that the contractor is not very confident with his or her work. A good warranty should cover both labor and the product if you are installing a new system.

Is the contractor a local company?

A contractor who is part of the local community is usually more reliable than one who is not. As a member of the local community, the contractor is aware that a slight mistake could permanently damage the company’s reputation. The reputation of a local company is usually spread by word of mouth and this could either make or break a company.

Working with a local contractor also helps in the obtaining of the most reliable references. A company that has been in existence for a number of years will most probably have served people who are willing to give testimonials about its quality of services. To get served by a reputable local company, please call Hillsborough AC Repair professionals.


Affiliation with trade associations

Professional contractors invest heavily in the education of their staff and are usually proud to show off what they have attained. Apart from academic qualifications, professional contractors also acquire plenty of industry-specific education.

A good way to measure the professionalism of the contractor you intend to hire is to find out if the company is affiliated to any trade association. There are many cooling and heating associations and affiliation to one or several of them should give you confidence in the contractor’s ability. When you deal with Chapel Hill AC Repair consultants, you can be assured that you are dealing with a group of educated people who are up to date with the latest industrial trends.